You got that brillant app almost all wrapped up and ready to launch but wonder how to capture the attention of the German speaking audience?

We offer translations of English-language press releases, as well as press releases in German, press mailings and App Store descriptions, tailored to your specific needs. Alternatively we can provide you with a mailing list containing representatives of more than 75 German language blogs, podcasts and forums relevant to the German speaking iOS scene.

Toying around with the idea of localizing your app?

How fortunate! We offer German language translations of your app – we get the job done. Quickly, reliably and at very reasonable rates. Drop us a mail.

An English-to-German translation depends on size, time frame and complexity. Standard rate is 75 Euro-cents per standard-line (55 characters / 8 words). Slightly more, should complexity of source material and time-frame be more challenging. A German PR done from scratch is 2 Euros per standard-line – price depending on quality and amount of source material, time-frame and complexity/target-audience.

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal offer and talk us trough what you have in mind.

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